In Good We Trust


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IN GOOD WE TRUST (with Kevin Breit) (2007)

“The follow-up to this pair’s Jubilee album (Northern Blues, 2003) finds them basically starting where they left off. And fans should be thankful for that. The instrumentation is top-notch and the selections seem to suit the record perfectly. A great example of this is the haunting but folksy reworking of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire,” which is still dark but has a certain hint of brightness thanks to the use of bazouki and tamboura.

However, the original material definitely measures up to the covers, especially the smooth and tender “Sometimes,” which glides along effortlessly. Meanwhile, Manx and Breit weave more magic with the strolling, ambling “Bottom of the Hill,” which is quite catchy …This is definitely truer during the rootsy and looser “Steal,” as Manx and Breit mix roots, folk, and blues impressively. The album is offset by pretty instrumentals, the first being “Better Man Blues,” which has an airy yet dark quality running through it, resembling a piece of a soundtrack score that Mark Knopfler hasn’t gotten around to yet. However, a rather heady, psychedelic-era tune called “Death Have Mercy” brings to mind Jeff Beck’s work circa Frankie’s House.

Meanwhile, the title track is the Delta blues personified, even if there are flourishes of guitar strumming over the standard slow-creeping blues chords. For the homestretch, Manx and Breit create the gorgeous and cozy “Hang On,” which sounds like it was recorded in one take as the sun was coming up. The album, as it states on its cover, is indeed supreme quality.”
~ Jason MacNeil, All Music Guide, May 2007

Released on Stony Plain Records
Harry Manx: Vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, drums
Kevin Breit: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, National guitar, tenor guitar, mandocello, mandola, mandolin, tamboura & background vocals
Engineered by John “Beetle” Bailey

Album Design by Michael Dangelmeier, Karo Design

Track Listing:
I’m on Fire 3:43
2. Sometimes 4:55
3. Bottom of the Hill 3:38
4. Better Man’s Waltz [Instrumental] 3:01
5. Death Have Mercy 4:44
6. Steal 6 5:15
7. Ship of Fools 4:28
8. In Good We Trust [Instrumental] 2:47
9. Hang On 5:01
10. Don’t Swim, Float [Instrumental] 2:49
11. Sisters [Instrumental] 4:14

“… From the Canadian guitar duo of Vancouver’s Harry Manx and Toronto’s Kevin Breit come their second CD of blended acoustic instrumentals and traditional songs with Harry’s relaxed vocal and virtuosity with Mid-eastern and South Asian stringed instrument styles predominating … Breit’s smooth guitar playing blends nicely with Harry’s meandering slide work on his many stringed instruments that take you deep into an exotic trance of a dark bazaar or mid eastern Souk. Both Breit and Manx experiment on banjo, mandocello, tamboura, mohan veena and traditional lap steel as well as other sound devices to put the dream like vision into the making of this CD. A passionate take on world folklore that is a must for someone looking for something a little unorthodox.”
– Dirk Wissbaum,, June 2007

“… Their first collaboration, Jubilee, was nominated for two Juno Awards and walked away empty handed. In Good We Trust has Juno written all over it … Manx’s warm yet gravelly voice never gets tiring and the songwriting of both musicians is well beyond par. In Good We Trust features the best of the two musician’s abilities on guitar throughout but nowhere is their skill more evident than on “Don’t Swim, Float,” where their dueling instrumental banter is as lively a deliverance as any.”
– Travis Richey, Exclaim! Magazine, June 2007

“In Good We Trust incorporates elements of blues, country, bluegrass, jazz, electronic, and Indian music into a soulful stew that manages to be simultaneously laid-back and intense.”
– Michael Ross, Guitar Player (online edition), July 2007

”There’s no other way to describe this union of Canada’s 2 most strikingly unorthodox string wielders than by calling it a match made in Guitar Heaven … The great news is that “In Good We Trust” fulfills one’s anticipations from the opening bell … Blues, Indian, Folk, and especially Jazz elements are interwoven into a roots kaleidoscope by these gentle masters …

Death Have Mercy” is another boundary-stretching hybrid that’s as compelling as honey to a bee. Many other selections will make you feel you’re floating off into the blue horizon, like “Ship of Fools”, the bluegrass-y “Swim Don’t Float, and the dreamy finale “Sisters” that features some awesome electric slide guitar from Kevin. So kick back, find your favorite relaxing place, and treat yourself to one of the most sublime listens this side of the Himalayas.”

– Gary Tate, – June 2007

Juno nominated for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year (duo)