Wise and Otherwise


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Wise and Otherwise 2002 (re-released 2007)

Originally released in 2002 on the Northern Blues label, Wise & Otherwise is not only one of Harry’s best albums; it’s one of the best blues discs in recent years. Fans of the Mohan Veena will be charmed with this offering. The exotic instrument is the centre of the traditional song “Death Have Mercy”, as well as the perennial favourite ballad “Coat Of Mail”. Wise & Otherwise also features Harry’s unique version of The Thrill is Gone” where Manx successfully combines the classic blues track with a traditional Indian raga.

Harry Manx on vocals, six string lap slide guitar, mohan veena, banjo and harmonica

Produced by Jordy Sharp

Track Listing
Only Then Will Your House be Blessed 3:03
2. Death Have Mercy 3:00
3. Roses Given 3:49
4. The Gist of Madhuvanti / The Thrill is Gone 1:14/5:00 (total 6:14)
5. Coat of Mail 4:23
6. Don’t Forget to Miss Me 3:22
7. A Little Cruel 4:13
8. Crazy Love 3:53
9. Foxy Lady 2:55
10. Makes You Wanna Die Laughing 4:20
11. Tethered Dogs 3:53
12. Raga Nat Bhariav 3:09

Juno Award Nomination for Best Blues Album
Penguin Eggs Magazine/Edmonton Folk Festival Award for Album of the Year
2002 South Australia Blues Society Award for Album of the Year

“Wise and Otherwise” is one man and his music and successfully merges two different music cultures into this wonderful sounding bluesy Indian hybrid music. This is acoustic music at its very best.”

– Blues on Stage

“Rarely has folk-blues sounded as hauntingly beautiful”

– Chicago Sun-Times

“He’s his own walking musical blaze. Don’t pass this one up. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night and hear it playing in y our head and slip out of bed to play it right through. Maybe more than once. It’s that good. I’m adding it to the pile of CDs I would grab, after the dog and before the cats, if my house caught on fire. Get it and prepare for the quietest, low-key ass-kicking you’ve ever had.”

– Critically Hip Music Reviewer.com